Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mystery Incorporated Fanart

I don't think my drawing is too accurate, in my defense the Fright Hound wouldn't stop moving, and he only attacks at night, so he's difficult to see. I guess Skynet loves Scooby Doo too! There's some weirdness with the shadows here. Should do some more observation work.

The body and shrunken head of Sklar. I really love the Headless Horror because he's crazy scary! His movements are creepy too. I know the feet make me look lazy but I was trying to keep accurate to the show. Maybe I should've just put claws on his toes anyway.

Odnarb the leader of the Wild Brood. Monster bikers. This show has monster bikers! Odnarb has a wicked design. He's pretty good handsome for an Orc. First motorcycle I ever drew, kinda got lazy with the hands. But I will inflate my ego and say I did get Odnarb's attitude in this.

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